Right To Information

Organisation Chart

Addl.DGFT Sh. Satish Kumar,ITS Head of the Office

Dy.DGFT Sh. Rajiv Kumar Soni, ITS

FTDO Ms Anju Gupta

Work Allocation

1 Sh. Rajiv Kumar Soni, Dy.DGFT A)Issuance of scrips/Authorisations & Monitoring under:- Chapter-3 ( A to M ) Chapter-4 ( A to M ) Chapter-5 ( A to M ) Refund of TED/DBK(A-M) B) IEC, Export House Certificates, Restricted items, GSP certificates. C) All ECA including recoveries, ECA Appeal. Litigation, Hindi, Niryat Bandhu, RTI(appeal),REIC , Quality complaints, Parliament Questions, PIAW, ASIDE Scheme,Administration .
2 Ms Anju Gupta, FTDO A)Issuance of scrips/Authorisations & Monitoring under:- Chapter-3 ( N to Z ) Chapter-4( N to Z ) Chapter 5 (N to Z ) Refund of TED/DBK(N-Z) B) Computerization, General Branch, PRO, Quality complaints,DEL,Post Audit, Audit, Record, Blank Licences & Cheque Books, DDO ( Cash), R & I, T.R Refund, Co-ordination for the purpose of MIS reports, Niryat Bandhu, RTI CPIO, RCs, Export House certificates & Work not elsewhere specified.